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A complete solution for Honda vehicles

This unique line of accessories had been engineered and tested with Honda to offer more comfort and reliability over the lifetime of the vehicle. The line consists of 3 components which can be installed separately or in different combinations. This innovative solution can be combined with a programmable control unit to take full advantage of the system’s features and benefits.

Honda Queensway - broken image
Honda Queensway - broken image

Consumer benefits: 

• WarmUp is a no-idle charging and heating solution providing fuel and emission savings compared to a cold start 

• Increase battery performance and longevity for drivers with low mileage driving habits, urban & short distance commuters, and people who park their vehicle for extended periods of time

 • Ensure a warmer vehicle during cold weather without needing to idle the engine 

• Reduce engine wear 

• Premium and discreet look with its flush mounted plug (no more hanging cord)

 • Improve convenience by setting your departure time and controlling the system with your smartphone. The “auto-function” will adjust heating time based on ambient temperature 

• Cable alarm system alerting you if you have forgotten to unplug the cable when you start your vehicle (Bluetooth® only).

 • Improve safety with the complimentary certified SJOW (oil and weather resistant) heavy duty power cord and armored cables 

•Optimized power usage. WarmUp automatically adjusts power usage and run time based on temperature and charging level

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