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Honda has designed a new airbag that has recently been named AJAC’s Best Safety Innovation for 2021, a prestigious award that is a testament to the quality of this new airbag and its ability to protect the driver and his or her passenger.

“In our fundamental pursuit of Safety for Everyone and the enhanced safety of Acura, Honda, and the vehicles of other brands—all for the benefit of society—we are incredibly honoured that our new passenger front airbag has been recognized with the 2021 AJAC Innovation Award for Best Safety Innovation.”  Eric Heitkamp, Honda Principal Crashworthiness Engineer, and co-inventor of the new airbag.

The new airbag revolutionizes the traditional airbag design by creating a four-compartment system that is vastly more protective than the single cushion we currently know.

The system uses a set of lateral “sails” to cradle the occupant’s head and avoid rotations or sliding off the cushion. In doing so, the airbag can protect the occupant in multiple different collision angles, making sure that you get the highest level of protection in any situation.

AJAC’s Best Safety Innovation award seeks to find the new safety technologies that offer the greatest benefits to drivers, and that have the potential to change the automotive industry. This new airbag certainly fits that description. Contact us today to learn more about this new technology which will surely be offered in future Honda models very soon.