2018 Honda Civic - Pros Vs Cons

September 25 2018, Honda Queensway

2018 Honda Civic - Pros Vs Cons

The new Honda Civic is a very popular car in North America and is particularly popular in Toronto. The 2018 Honda Civic has several package updates this year as well as some additional model options, including the sporty new Si and the track-ready Type R. Deciding whether this car is right for you may be a difficult decision. So we've compiled some pros and cons to help with decision making.


Engine Choices: The 2018 Honda Civic has a lot of engine options. The base level 2.0-litre engine is a good performer with a long track record for reliability and fuel economy. The upgrade engine for most new Honda Civic models is a turbocharged 1.5-litre that offers more power and similar fuel mileage with a sportier return. Finally, the new Si has a turbocharged version of the 2.0L that outputs even more power and performance while the Type R takes that same engine up another notch.

Body Style Choices: The 2018 Honda Civic comes in coupe, sedan, and hatchback formats. Each body style has multiple trim levels so that the right mix of accoutrements and budget can be balanced. This means that the buyer of a Honda Civic in Toronto can choose from two-door fun, four-door "bring the friends along," or hatchback "and their stuff too" practicality.

Innovative Safety and Driver-Assist Technologies: Every trim level of the 2018 Honda Civic includes the option to upgrade with advanced driver-assist and safety options such as forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and more. All for a lot less than might be expected, despite some of these options being seen as "top-end" or "luxury-only."

Excellent Interior: The new Honda Civic has an award-winning interior with comfortable seating and soft-touch materials. Where "cheap interior" and "compact" used to be synonymous, Honda has changed that expectation with the Civic. With the unique climate and needs we have, the Honda Civic is a better Toronto fit than ever before thanks to standard equipment like climate controls and better interior comfort.


Edgy Exterior Styling: The new Honda Civic's exterior look is meant to be on the edge and eye-catching. Some may not like this as a feature, preferring fewer lines and more contemporary looks. For them, a more traditional design is probably better.

Popular Car Choice: The 2018 Honda Civic is a very popular vehicle choice in Toronto. Because of that, there are a lot of Honda Civic models on Toronto roads. This makes the car less appealing to those who want to only be seen in something very different from everyone else. The more practical-minded, however, might think that the edgy styling of the Civic is enough to set it apart without worrying about reliability.

Infotainment Has Learning Curve: The new Honda Civic has a good infotainment system whose upgrade options can make it very complex with connected options. For those unwilling to take that leap, the learning curve may seem steep.

May Not Be Large Enough: The 2018 Honda Civic is a compact car and as such, it may not be large enough for some buyers. To them, we point to the midsized Honda Accord, also available as a popular option in Toronto.

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