Choosing the Right Motor Oil Viscosity

November 29 2018, Honda Queensway

Motor oil is responsible for keeping the moving parts in your engine lubricated. Without the right oil, your engine is at risk for damage. One important aspect you need to know about is viscosity. Viscosity refers to the oil's ability to resist flow. Motor oils come in a wide range of viscosity ratings.

A lower viscosity rating means that the oil is thinner. Typically, this type of oil is best for cold environments. Motor oil will get thicker once the temperature drops. If the oil flows well at room temperature, it won't thicken up as much when winter hits. Higher ratings and thicker oils operate well in warmer environments. Most manufacturers recommend multi-grade oils. These products have viscosity ratings for both cold and warm environments. They ensure that your engine will operate efficiently wherever you go.

Come on down to Lakeshore Honda in Etobicoke for auto service. We'll set you up with the right oil for your vehicle and needs.

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