Keeping Tires Clean Can Promote Vehicle Durability

April 19 2019, Honda Queensway

Here at Lakeshore Honda, we enjoy helping our customers and other drivers keep their vehicles in good working order. While maintaining a vehicle certainly involves keeping the motor and other moving parts in order, it also involves keeping the vehicle as a whole clean. In particular, keeping tires and wheels in shipshape can go far in improving overall durability as well as enhancing the look of vehicles. To this end, drivers who follow a few simple steps can quickly and easily give their tires deep cleanings.

Drivers should always remember to begin by cleaning their tires a single set at a time. By cleaning and rinsing each set individually, vehicle owners can avoid solvent or cleaner dry out and caking.

Tires collect many types of pollutants as they operate, and thus it is key to use cleaners that are capable of removing different types of debris. In addition, vehicle owners should choose cleaners that work well with their wheel types. For example, chrome and aluminum may be more chemical resistant than anodized or coated wheels. If in doubt, drivers should check the instructions on tire cleaners in order to avoid unnecessary damages.

Once wheels are clean, vehicle owners should move on to using rubber specific tire cleaners. These cleaners come in either gel or spray form and do good jobs of removing even well-ingrained dirt or debris.

Finally, drivers should make sure to use degreasers whenever necessary. Tires and wheels can pick up surprising amounts of grease from roadways. Left uncleaned this can lead to dangerous driving situations.

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