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2018 Honda Demo Vehicles

Here at Lakeshore Honda in Toronto we're passionate about helping our customers save money on their new Honda purchases. 2018 Honda demo vehicles are an excellent way to do just that. We have Honda demos that can save you thousands. Call our demo sales team at 1-877-507-9287 or swing by our showroom to find out what's in stock right now--we have every Honda demo Toronto area drivers are dreaming of owning.

What is a Demo?

Demos are new vehicles that have been driven by our dealership staff. It's important for us to get to know our vehicles inside and out, and we wouldn't sell you a car without being completely familiar with it. The best way to do that is with seat time behind the wheel. Demos might also have been used as test drive vehicles or for other normal dealership operations.

They seldom have more than five to ten thousand kilometres on the odometer. Importantly, they've never been registered. This means they're often eligible for financing offers that apply to new Honda vehicles. They still carry their new-car warranties, usually beginning on the date they were put into service and still eligible for the remaining balance of years and kilometres. Plus, you'll usually save extra because of the mileage on the odometer; typically, a discount is calculated based on the number of kilometres the car has been driven. Discounts can reach thousands of dollars even for barely-driven examples.

What Condition Are They In?

The short answer is "terrific." They're here at our dealership almost every day, so imagine if you had your own personal staff of mechanics and detailers to tend to your car. That's how these demos spend their lives when they're with us--pampered and well cared for. Furthermore, our staff members know that these demos represent the best of our new car inventory and we take pride in their appearance and integrity, inside and out. Our demos are generally indistinguishable from any car you might find in our showroom. We're fanatical about that.

What Models Are Available as Demos?

Our demos represent the best of the Honda inventory on our lot, so they're usually loaded with all the options. You might get a 2018 Honda Accord with a full leather interior and navigation system. Or you could drive off in a 2018 Honda Civic with a turbocharged engine and remote start. Or perhaps you'd prefer the go-anywhere all-wheel-drive capability of the 2018 Honda Pilot with three-row seating for extra passenger space. Another option for families is the innovative 2018 Honda Odyssey with its 280 horsepower V6 and a unique CabinWatch feature in the center console that lets you keep an eye on the kids in the back seats without turning your head. And don't forget about the sporty 2018 CR-V and 2018 HR-V SUV models and the efficient 2018 Honda Fit subcompact.