In Case of a Collision

What to do following a collision


Collison Information

A vehicle collision can be a traumatic and stressful event. Honda is here to support you, to get you back on the road and to keep your Honda, your Honda.

Our Advice on Handling an Accident*

  • Get Safe: If it is safe to do so, move your vehicle to the side of the road. Otherwise, stop and ensure emergency services are immediately notified if any individuals are injured.
  • Inspect and Exchange: Inspect damage on both vehicles and exchange driver’s information.
  • Record: Make a record of the accident. Include diagrams and witness statements if applicable.
  • Call Honda: Call Honda roadside assistance 1-800-565-7587
  • Ask For Genuine Honda Parts: Contact your insurance provider and let them know you only want Genuine Honda Parts used on your vehicle.

*This is only practical advice, not legal advice. Procedures may differ by region, and Honda is not liable if incorrect. In the event of an accident, customers should follow their local collision procedures and laws.

In the event of an accident, insist on Honda.

If you’re ever in an accident, insist that your insurance provider authorizes only Genuine Honda Parts. Why? Because Genuine Honda Parts are manufactured to the exact standard for fit, finish and corrosion protection. They’re the only parts that are covered by our warranty, and they are the only parts that are guaranteed to perform as only a Honda can.


Will my insurance provider automatically specify Genuine Honda Parts?

No. Imitation parts may be sufficient for insurance companies because they cost less, but they may compromise the fit, finish and corrosion protection of your Honda.

Aren’t imitation parts the same as Genuine Honda Parts?

No. Imitation parts often do not fit as well because they are not produced to Honda's high-quality standards for exact fit and precise operation, unlike Genuine Honda Parts.

Do I have the right to know what parts I’m getting?

Yes. It's your right to know what replacement parts are being used. Ask for proof that like, kind, and quality parts are equivalent to Genuine Honda Parts. Chances are, they aren't.

Is there a warranty on Genuine Honda Parts?

Yes. Genuine Honda Parts are covered by your vehicle's Replacement Warranty.

Know the facts about your insurance.

Under no circumstances are you legally obligated to go to the repair shop your insurance suggests. As a vehicle owner it is your right to choose the collision repair facility to repair your Honda. Many Honda dealers have their own body shops and can help you through the repair process.


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