Drive Smoothly to Stay Safe While Towing

September 12 2018, Honda Queensway

It is critical that you understand how to tow objects with your vehicle safely. This means using your mirrors, spending time driving with a trailer and making sure that items are properly secured. While towing, you should never drive faster than the speed limit or tailgate other drivers.

Generally speaking, trailers will move in the opposite direction that your vehicle moves while backing up. Therefore, you should go right if you want the trailer to go left. Understanding this concept can avoid an accident or a person getting hurt while going in reverse. While towing, be sure that you don't take sharp turns as that could result in a trailer toppling over.

If you are thinking about using your vehicle to tow objects, bring it to Lakeshore Honda in Etobicoke. We can make sure that your vehicle is ready to handle the rigors of handling such a task.

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