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Finding affordable service that you trust can be a difficult task. That’s why the service department at Honda Queensway is dedicated to offering an unparalleled level of quality at an affordable price.

At Honda Queensway, our team of dedicated technicians are always working to make sure that they provide the highest level of quality Honda service in Toronto. With years of experience, our team will ensure the reliability, performance, and value of your vehicle over the long term.

You can also trust that our team of service technicians will only use genuine Honda parts and accessories to make any replacements and repairs on your vehicle. Our team of experts and service technicians are always available to answer any questions that you might have, offer advice, and explain all the work that needs to be done on your vehicle.

At Honda Queensway, we are always looking to find ways to help you save. That’s why our special offers are designed to help you save on several after-sales services and service requests as well.

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Our team of qualified service technicians standing by to help you with any of your service related needs. From oil changes, tire rotations, brake pads or transmission problems, we’ve got trained technicians who are able to help.

Brake Repair & Replacement In Toronto

Brakes are the most important safety feature on your vehicle and should be maintained regularly to ensure adequate stopping power no matter the driving conditions. The life or brakes can vary depending on individual driving habits, materials and environment. Properly working brakes allow the caliper to press the pads against the rotor to slow your vehicle. Over time these components will become worn, dirty, and the moving parts can begin to seize. Have a Honda Queensway technician inspect your brakes and perform a 4-wheel brake service regularly.

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Car Battery Service, Repair & Replacement in Toronto

Your Honda’s battery is one of its most important components. It stores and provides power to start its engine and to operate its many electrical and electronic systems. Genuine Honda replacement batteries are manufactured to match your Honda’s electrical system specifications, are competitively priced and are backed by a 60-month, unlimited-mileage warranty. During the first 24 months, the battery and labour are covered 100%. During months 25 through 60, the replacement cost of the battery is pro-rated.

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Oil Changes In Toronto

Engine oil lubricates the engine's moving internal parts to protect them against wear and reduce friction. It also creates a protective seal between the moving and stationary parts, all while helping to cool the engine. As engine oil deteriorates with time, it loses its ability to properly protect the engine. Follow the recommended oil changes intervals specified by your Honda’s Owner’s Manual or Maintenance Minder system (if equipped).

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Transmission Service

As soon as oil is in use, it begins to break down. Heat, moisture, and friction cause oil to lose its lubricating properties. It can only sustain so much before it can no longer properly perform its lubricating and cooling roles. Left too long, the transmission will begin to wear in places that it shouldn’t. The internal clutches and friction plates, valve body, and solenoids can start failing. That’s when you feel abnormal conditions when you drive like shift flares, slipping gears, and eventually, transmission failure. A transmission service can prevent those symptoms from showing up in the first place.

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